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We tirelessly work the land to make ourselves a little homesteading haven of wild woods. And that hard work is *never* done. The name is self-satisfying, but also a bit of an oxymoron as the work of the restless is never completed. It is a place that we find solitude and peace, be it in the monotony of work, the necessity for innovation, or the sip of switchel on a hot day.

We started in 2016 with 43 acres of land that was full of overgrown invasive buckthorn, old buildings, piles of logs... not very productive for human, livestock, or wildlife! Our goal is to live as sustainably as possible with the land. We have a reclaimed old wild apple orchard, a large pond/wetland, a smaller pond, a series of forested ridges, and an open area the goats have cleared. Our place is home to chickens, geese, ducks, goats, sheep, bees, two dogs, two cats, a few fish and two humans. We have a sauna, pool, solar power, several gardens, and berry patches.

Our focus is on sustainable agroforestry and silvopasture through intentional and rotational grazing practices. We are focusing on heritage and dual purpose breed livestock that giveback tenfold.

This life isn't easy- but we work hard, we work together, and we love it- ups and downs, we take it in stride.

**We are a Vermont Bee Lab Drop-Off Site. If you have samples to test from live or dead-out hives please place at least a cup of bees in a container (we have some) and bring to us or Bent Northup Library in Fairfield. More info on the Vermont Bee Lab here. Please email when you do!

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